Elk Grove Party Rentals are crated to make people's orders alot easier.These party rentals offer the best possible options people can select from and they can always place their orders online. The rentals offer buses or cabs as pick up and drop for a lot of people.
hey ya all...we are doing a great job FLAGGING the 2 yahoo numbskulls with those rediculus adds...They make it hard for us ligit people with REAL machines for sale...YEAH SURE a 3 yr old skidsteer for 1,785.00 and the other s+*!head with his 6,758...6,785...6,587 WITH 5 ATTACHMENTS AND A TRAILER... TO All you nubies...DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR ADDS...ONCE THEY GET YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IT IS ALL ...
Fresh brown and white chicken eggs for sell. We also have Peking Duck eggs for sale until they stop laying. Chicken eggs $3.00/dozen Duck eggs $1.00/each or $10.00/dozen
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